The thin eyelid skin begins to become loose and accumulate on the eyelashes with aging and the drooping of the eyebrows. This situation leads to a tired appearance in both women and men. No matter how high or low the eyebrows are, it is important for a young and dynamic look that the upper eyelids do not accumulate on the eyelashes. Almost everyone has plenty of skin on the upper eyelid.


When planning upper eyelid surgery, it is important to remove this skin as much as necessary. While removing a small amount of skin does not make a difference after the surgery, removing a large amount of skin can cause the patient’s gaze to change, making the face look older than it is, feminine appearance in men and even keeping the eyes open if excessive amount of skin is removed. The important goals in upper eyelid aesthetics are to significantly reduce clumps on the eyelashes, to make the eyelashes appear almost everywhere on the upper eyelid equally, and to maintain a fuller appearance on the upper eyelid.

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